Manuel Antonio National Park is the place to go in Costa Rica when you are into wildlife, rainforest, adventures, and beach. Manuel Antonio National Park is a destination that has it all!

Manuel Antonio National Park

. Many people from around the world come to see the wildlife that lives here and this is one of the top destinations in Costa Rica. The park receives 300.000 visitors a year and is rated in the top 12 most beautiful national parks in the world. The park is the smallest in Costa Rica, but still quite a trek. With that said, bring sun protection, comfortable shoes and water.

The nice thing about the Manuel Antonio National Park is that one can connect with nature, while only being miles from all essential necessities. This is sure to be an experience that transcends typical reality.

Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park is open from Tuesday to Sunday and costs $16 to enter. The best time to see the most animals is in the morning. Those who are looking to see the most wildlife should schedule a tour with a trained guide who will be able to point out the hidden animals. So much scenery goes past the untrained eye that choosing a guided tour is the most logical option.

There are four beaches within in the park limits and the water surrounding the park is perfect for swimming. Those who are looking to see the biodiversity that Costa Rica offers will be able to obtain a glimpse of it here. There are 109 species of mammals, including the three-toed sloth and 184 species of birds, including the toucan. Expect to see monkeys, lizards, and animals you have never even heard of.


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