The Manuel Antonio Region and the Quepos area are our home. We are a small Costa Rican company that started in 2003 to guide and preserve our grandchildren’s true inheritance, the region where they will be born!

Manuel Antonio Region, Quepos area
As we are born and raised in this region, we see it as the area that our children and grandchildren will inherit. A place where we live, and that grows, changes and evolves with us.

For Costa Rica Epic Adventures the discovery of the Manuel Antonio Region and the Quepos area has to go beyond its magnificent national park. There is so much to see! So much to enjoy!

Today the company’s objectives are the same as they were then.

We believe in the authentic discovery of the essence of the Manuel Antonio area and the Quepos region. We believe in offering our locals heart for our customers to see the soul of the region, composed yes, by its fierce nature, but also through its history and the people who decide to create a home of it.

Epic Adventures Costa Rica allows individuals, families, and large groups to explore the real adventures and exotic treasures of the magnificent Manuel Antonio Region and the Quepos area

  • We are deeply committed to the preservation of the natural treasures of the Manuel Antonio Region and the Quepos area – every day, on every tour, and through everyone who shares the Epic Adventures Costa Rica experience-.
  • We believe that great information combined with empathy and hard work creates a fantastic experience for any client. We strive to be the highlight of your vacations!
  • We provide professional-grade, bilingual, customer-focused, educational adventures that will allow you to see amazing views, learn incredible and fun facts and enjoy every moment and detail of the rainforest
  • We deeply believe that all humans may create a better World and a global community that will and is creating mental spaces for the true care of the home we all live in. For us, it is transcending that our passengers develop such consciousness.

Our Values

We preserve for future generations.

We educate about the natural history of the tropics and the Costa Rican culture.

We are committed to our region and our community.

We thrive in any circumstances or conditions for our customer to live the best experience always

We believe in loving our everyday work as this passion is contagious to all around

We believe in humanity evolving for a better World for all nature to live and thrive.